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Warhammer est un univers imaginaire médiéval fantastique développé pour servir de cadre au jeu de figurines Warhammer Fantasy Battle ainsi que pour d'autres jeux, notamment le jeu de rôle Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Les deux fondateurs de la société Games Workshop, les britanniques Steve Jackson et Ian Livingstone co-auteur de la série de livres-jeux Défis fantastiques (Fighting Fantasy), édités en France dans la collection Un livre dont vous êtes le héros.

Jeux Vidéo disponibles :

Warhammer online : Age of Reckoning

Warhammer Mark of Chaos

Le Grimoire has been a fanzine dedicated to the World of Warhammer. Since its creation, the object of Le GRIMOIRE is indeed to promote the practice of WARHAMMER, to maintain the interest the French-speaking ludic community for this game and to support it in the absence of official follow-up of this one. Within this framework, Le GRIMOIRE joins together young artists and manages an Internet site, accessible to the Net surfers. The public like the professionals recognize since years the work achieved by Le GRIMOIRE and Fanzine like loans of quality and having largely contributed to maintain the interest of the players to practice WARHAMMER roleplaying game.

Why do you stop the fanzine ? Since early 2005, we stop to publish issues of le Grimoire and we have no stock left for sale. Remember that all our fanzines were designed for Warhammer First Edition. Because of an agreement with french editors, we will never publish any other issue on second edition either. We will continue to promote this game that we love thanks to our website, professionnal magazines and french gencons.

Where to find old issues ? If you want to find old issues, please visit EBAY where you will find certainly our principal Best Books sold by fans such as the Handbook of the Player and Magic Arcanes, Warpstone (the French version of the englich fanzine), but also Sartosa - the City of the Pirates and Mootland. Good luke.

ARCANS MAGIQUES Manue ld u Joueur Mootland Warpstone SArtosa la cite des pirates Grimoire du Chaos

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